2011-12 Upper Deck Victory

2011-12 Upper Deck Victory

Grade: 72.5, C-

Value: 6/10

$25-$30 dollar boxes without a hobby version should mean the value is potentially very high. Unfortunately it is not. Such cheap product has made the Rookie Cards in this product completely worthless. The Black Version falling 1:720 for veterans and 1:1440 for rookies is the main source of value for the product. There was also a red variation of the base cards inserted but not listed on sell sheets. Red variations at least draw bids most of the time so there’s a couple bucks worth of value. Black versions sell well when you pull one which is the only thing saving this products value from much worse of a score. Complete sets sell for about the price of one box and it will take you 3-5 boxes to complete this set. All that being said if we ranked the fun factor it would be high because we love to bust packs and this is as cheap as it gets at less than $1 per pack.

Set Design: 9/10

We actually love the design of the base set with the player superimposed over the “Victory” logo in the background. Very nice looking to focus on the photography in a set like this. The glossy stock makes for vibrant and rich coloring making the design look even better. The set would have a shot at a 10/10 if we had some autographs and memorabilia to judge. Still a great looking set overall though.

Card Quality: 7/10

The aforementioned glossy stock is nice but the cards can be very rough around the edges much like Upper Deck’s other low end product O-Pee Chee.

Checklist: 7/10

A big base set gives you the most fun you can really have with a product with no possibility of autographs or game used. The lack of hits to score for the checklist make this one tough to rank. You can hit a black version of any of the biggest stars which is good.

Box Price/Layout:

$25-30, 36 packs per box, 6 cards per pack.


Box Break coming soon…..

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