2011-12 O-Pee Chee Hockey

2011-12 O-Pee Chee Hockey

Grade: 75%, C

Value: 7/10

At roughly $50 per box you get a lot of cards and parallels. Unfortunately not many of the hits from this product will get you much return value. For instance, a Team Canada Autograph that is one per case you have a very good chance of it being a card you could have bought for under the price of a single box. It definitely is a fun break and is about as good as it gets with low end products. At least it wasn’t stuffed with worthless memorabilia cards.

Set Design: 9/10

The retro inserts that fall one per pack are very cool. The playoff beard parallels are even cooler.  In Action cards are great to look at. The base set design is nice enough. Team Canada Autographs are a huge draw for collectors and they look nice despite the sticker autographs but we’ll ding their rating in the quality department for that. The Quad Memorabilia are a little weak in design.

Card Quality: 6/10

Good enough card stock for a set with 600 cards and a low price tag per box. The In Action inserts that come one per box are stunning and on thick stock. The Autographs would be nice to be on card considering the rarity of them so that is major beef here. Couple that with the fact that miscut cards are a serious problem and the quality is taking quite a hit.

Checklist: 8/10

600 card base set with 600 retro cards is quite a tall task for any collector, but we love it. The Autograph and Memorabilia checklists are solid but not mind blowing. Short Printed additions to autographs, base and inserts make for a solid chase as well.

Box Price/Layout:

$45-60, 36 packs per box, 6 cards per pack.


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