Sunday’s winners and losers: Card values looking up for some WR’s

Big Winners:

  • All Atlanta Falcons not named Jacquizz Rodgers. We still love Jacquizz but he was a bit of an afterthought Sunday.

  • Drew Brees big primetime performance, and more importantly a primetime victory, has hushed the Saints doubters at least temporarily. Big win for NOLA.
  • Ryan Mathews had a huge game in a loss to the Saints. While a lot of RB’s have done well against NOLA it is still a big step forward for him.

  • Jamaal Charles continues to thrive despite KC’s best efforts to be the worst team in the league. He is still selling incredibly low based on his talent and performance.
  • Ahmad Bradshaw was back in a big way. 200+ yards from scrimmage and a Giants victory should cause a nice uptick in his 2007 SP Authentic Auto RC which have pretty much been a steal for about a year now.
  • Rashard Mendenhall is back and looked very good. He played 22 snaps scoring once and running 16 times. Very good news for those holding his RC’s after his abrupt exit last season. We imagine this investment window will be closing quickly as the Steelers love their players and he gets the Titans in primetime this week.
  • Reggie Wayne of course had a huge day but we don’t expect this to move his cardboard much.

Big Losers:

  • Joe Flacco and the Ravens defense. Everyone has shredded the KC secondary but Flacco had a tough time on Sunday managing ZERO TD’s.
  • Robert Griffin III had a lackluster performance that ended with a concussion. Kirk Cousins, a Card Geek favorite until he was drafted to back up RG3, came in and looked very good…for about 6 plays.
  • Blaine Gabbert’s head is once again being called for. While he hasn’t been amazing he did get beat up by the same team that picked off Tony Romo five times last week so give him a little slack. He is a reasonable buy low option right now for those who still have faith.
  • CJ Spiller…and all of the Bills. They got absolutely crushed.
  • BenJarvus Green-Ellis appears to have been demoted to a full on timeshare. I doubt many people had a bunch of his cards but if they did they won’t be happy with this.
  • Cam Newton’s sophomore sadness continues. He looks really bad. He is being exposed this year. Last year he survived on the long ball and this year he doesn’t have the time to throw the long ball. That offensive line is hurting a lot of people….what’s up Ryan Kalil? Super Bowl bound huh? HA!

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