So many sets, so little time

I’ve come to the realization that I am working far too many sets. Can you help me thin the herd or possibly help me find some of my missing cards? Here are the ones I’m working on with my justification for each. I may realize while justifying some of them that I actually have no justification whatsoever. Here we go…

  1.  2001 SP Authentic Sign of the Times Football

I’m not even going to explain this one. This is the nicest looking autograph card set ever created in my opinion. Gorgeous. The checklist has a few weak spots but compared to newer checklists it is still quite amazing…Unitas, Namath, Marino, Jim Brown, Montana, Steve Young, P. Manning etc.

2.   2008 Topps Chrome Football Blue Refractor Set

I opened a lot of this product and the Blue Refractor is very nice looking. Also I love the 2008 rookie class.

3.  Complete Topps Chrome Football Rookie Auto Set, Every year since 2006 (When they inserted Autos as part of base set, or at least a parallel rather than the box toppers in 2005).

I love Topps Chrome. I love the RC’s and what is better than the Autographed RC’s. The auto patches are too limited and I don’t care about the event worn crap anyway.

4.    2007 Bowman Heritage Baseball Signs of Greatness

I opened a couple boxes and love the look of the set. The checklist is garbage with the exception of Chipper, Posada and David Wright though unfortunately. Might be disbanding this one soon.


5.   2009 Press Pass Signature Edition Gridiron Graphs

I opened a boatload of this product when Blowout had a 2 pack blister listed at $12 each. I think I opened roughly 30 of them. I love on card autographs, variations and cool inserts. Also this was the last year Press Pass was able to have players in college jerseys. Sigh.

6.   2008-09 Upper Deck Champs Hockey Master Set

This is frankly an insane chase set but it has been a lot of fun to work on. Tons of different cards to chase with the Hall of Legends Jerseys that has an excellent checklist and the Super SP autos. I’ll probably never finish this one but I’m not giving it up anytime soon either. Imagine Allen & Ginter but in Hockey (for those baseball fans reading).

7.   2005 Donruss Classics VIP Membership Patch Variation #’d /25

I pulled one of these back in 2005 of Steve Young. A month later I landed a 3 color Jerry Rice. Since the 49ers are my favorite team I could have easily stopped there. I did not. This set is too cool with some great names. Marino, Tomlinson, Taylor etc.

8.   2001 Playoff Honors Pro Bowl Patches

These are cool. No doubting that. Some people really don’t like the Pro Bowl Patches. I love them.

9.   2008-09 Upper Deck Young Guns Series 1 All in BGS 9.5 or better

This one is kind of silly too but this set does have three of my favorite St. Louis Blues: Patrik Berglund, Alex Pietrangelo and T.J. Oshie.


What sets are you chasing? As many as me? More? Am I insane? Probably.

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