We busted a box of new 2012 Sage Autographed and now you can have what we opened!

To claim one of these autographs all you have to do is the following:

1. Follow both of our twitter accounts @cardgeeksblog and @brentrschultz

2. Tweet to either one explaining why you want a certain autograph we pulled

3. Comment on this article with how much money you saved by getting one of these free from us after searching for the autograph on eBay.

4. Thank us!

As long as an auto hasn’t been claimed and you are legitimately a fan of the player or his new NFL team we’ll ship the auto out to you ASAP. Here is what we pulled from the new 2012 Sage Autographed box containing 14 packs with an Autograph in each box. We’ll also send you base of your favorite players if you would like. Thanks for checking in!

No longer available: Lamichael James, Case Keenum, Kendall Wright


  1. As a transplanted Texan, the Case Keenum card would fit nicely with the rest of My Texan PC. You guys are awesome for doing these kinds of promotions. I am glad to follow you guys on Twitter and try to read all the posts Concerning my cardboard addiction. Thanks again for allowing us as collectors to be a part of your promotions:)

  2. I would save around 6.95 on the Doug Martin plus shipping. I like him.

    I don’t have a twitter account or time for one. So if my entry doesn’t count its ok. For base, I would go for any of the NY Giants draftees. Or an Andrew Luck. Have had no luck getting his base cards.


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