Topps announces Bowman 2013 Promotion: Collectors everywhere let out collective sigh…

The promo in question will give 10 lucky winners a chance to get their own card in 2013. While only one of them will get their card in the 2013 Bowman set, at least all 10 will be getting a Yu Darvish ¬†autographed ball. While that’s cool dropping 10 of these in a product with an absolutely insane high print run doesn’t get many collectors drooling. Here is the release from Topps. What’s your take? Our take is that nobody but half of dozen people on the planet will want the card of the winning collector. I’m sure there will be parallels of said collector as well. Imagine pulling the red 1/1 of John Smith, Right hand pitcher pourer, from Pittsburgh, PA. No thanks.


    • Unique…sure. But non-sport sets have done the collectors in sets idea before and even ginter puts the code cracker in their set. Nobody wants those cards really do they?

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