ITG Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition Preview

If you haven’t ever checked in to Dr. Price’s blog you are missing out. He runs Sport Kings and In The Game card companies and on Saturday he posted some preview shots from the upcoming ITG Ultimate 11th edition due out in November. Without stealing too many of his images I’ll post two of them here and let you click on over to his blog for the others.



Ultimate Memorabilia 11th Edition releases November 10, 2011. Ultimate Memorabilia usually sells out quick so if you find some you should pick them up quick. These cards typically have great resell value if you even want to sell them. Check out this Lemieux that is a cool card but not all that amazing and sold for $150! Also all cards in the pack/box you get will be slabbed in a BGS style holder like the ones you see at auction. Of course if you aren’t a high end box buster you can surely wait for some singles. Each box costs about $600 for 11th edition. Each box has 5 packs. Older versions of Ultimate Memorabilia are slightly cheaper and you can find packs of some of them for $90-100. Each pack of 11th edition contains 1 base card, 1 memorabilia card and 1 autograph card.

Dr. Price also announced recently that 11th edition will have “Hot Packs” that have three “Hot Patch” cards in them.

We aren’t huge fans of the design of these cards and frankly would rather get the standard auto and memorabilia for a chance at a great auto. Whatever option you choose be sure to pick up some ITG Ultimate 11th edition cards for your collection.

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