Video Cards: Which One is the Best and Will They Become a Hobby Staple?

There was a battle of words and business tactics as two of the three major card companies jockied for collector attention touting their video card as the best video card. Upper Deck put out video cards in 2011 UD Football and now Panini’s Totally Certified has officially begun the HRX video card era. While UD’s Evolution cards were said to be one per case they clearly were not as people were finding them in blasters rather easily it seemed and before you knew it these were in the $20-$30 range. HRX are selling very well early on and the first Gold 1/1 autograph was pulled a few days ago of Kobe Bryant and listed at $5k on ebay. There has been a lot of skepticism surrounding these cards such as what happens if something malfunctions and other electronics based questions.

We have some very important information about HRX cards that should encourage your purchasing of them. Each card will loop up to 20 minutes of behind-the-scenes and highlight footage of the players. The cards feature 2GBs of internal storage and fans can even add their own videos via USB. HRX AND Upper Deck Evolution video cards can be recharged via USB ports.  How awesome is that? The UD cards only have 60 seconds of video capability and are not customizable. Also at this time their football release only has college footage due to the fact that they don’t have an NFL license. Now only if they were affordable. The good news though for those of us not lucky enough to have one is that as these stay more popular they are going to be more and more plentiful making them go down in value….in theory. We’ll see if that is actually how it plays out but early indications are that video cards, particularly the HRX, are here to stay. I can’t wait to see one of these in person.

The UD Evolution 2011 Football Checklist (No print run announced):

Adrian Peterson, DeSean Jackson, Tony Romo and Patrick Willis

The 2010-11 Panini HRX Basketball Checklist (Print Run of 51 with one 1/1 Autograph plus 10 Autographed out of the base 50 cards):

Kobe BryantBlake GriffinKevin Durant and John Wall.


So who wins the war?

Design: HRX

Value: HRX

Rarity: HRX

Customization: HRX

Well that was easy.

What is your favorite video card? Evolution or HRX?

Watch this video for more information on HRX:


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