Morning Roundup 7/11/11

THIS Kobe Bryant Panini HRX Gold Autograph 1/1 was listed and we should all keep an eye on it. Crazy price? Who knows really. It’s sure to be a very cool “card”.

The MLB Futures Game was played last night. Check out our “Recap in Cards” post here

The Home Run Derby is tonight. Who’s excited? Oh yeah…everyone. This is the only part of the All-Star game I care for.

Panini posted a pic of a bunch of the game used jerseys they got in last week. Some very cool ones. Check out this Darren McFadden:

Game Day 13

If you haven’t heard, it’s time to become a Women’s World Cup Soccer fan. GO USA!

Funny pic of the day:

 motivate photos 27 Its Monday, you could use some motivation (31 Photos)


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